Wholesale Programs

We go out of our way to craft a customer experience with the same dedication with which we roast coffee.

Ask us About Wholesale Programs
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Personal Service

Our customer service team reflects the diversity of our customers. From hotel to grocery, coffee house to offices we are knowledgeable about your business and eager to support you.

barista training

Quality Support

We hire people who love coffee and are committed to ensuring quality from sourcing to roasting… and to brewing the cup you serve your customer. Training and follow up quality support are ingrained in all of our wholesale programs.

marketing setup


By serving The Portland Roasting brand you show you are committed to quality and to the prosperity of others. Our stock and custom marketing tools help you convey that to your customer.

espresso machine


Our in-house service department services and sells varied lines of espresso and drip coffee equipment assisting everyone from the start-up to the super-cool, from the single cup to large batch.

office coffee

For the Office

Are you looking to serve a better cup at your office? We work with a variety partners to deliver great coffee and all the services you need for your break room.