Portland Roasting takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

Yesterday Portland Roasting joined with people all over the country raising money to help those with ALS. ALS is a neurological disease that affects the spinal cord and nerve cells. As a neurodegenerative disease, it progresses over time. This progression leads to patients in later stages suffering from total paralysis and death. In hopes to draw more… {read more}

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Cold Brew

Nothing better than a Cold Brew on a hot day. Hot weather got you down? Not only do we have the perfect cure for it, we are willing to share. Cold Brewing create a rich, smooth concentrate that is low in acidity and strong in flavor. This concentrate, idea for summer heat, can keep you cool while… {read more}

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Introducing the Sustain Cup

Want to be sustainable? Starting on Monday, we have a new coffee travel cup for sale in our café, and soon online. Our Sustain Cup, is part of our continued dedication to improve sustainability and reduce the amount of trash in landfills. Pricing for the cup is what makes it pretty desirable: $5.00 for the cup is… {read more}

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Peruvian Coffee Trip Part II

Previously, we talked about Jesse’s initial part of his trip to Peru to experience the first stages of production for our coffee beans. After many hours, he meets up with our contacts from Sustainable Harvest, and they head to a couple different cooperative farms. You can read more about this initial stage here. Our last stop on… {read more}

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Peruvian Coffee Trip Part 1

The following this Part 1 of the two part series that goes over the trip Jesse from Portland Roasting Coffee went on. He was able to connect with coffee farmers and the coffee community as a whole. Thanks to Prom Peru, Portland Roasting goes to Peru for the annual Centro Exporta, followed by a trip with Sustainable… {read more}

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Brazil Early Harvest Cup of Excellence – One Perspective

Editor’s note: This is a travel blog from our green buyer Stephanie, who had the opportunity to visit Brazil just recently.  I was fortunate to attend the Brazil Early Harvest Cup of Excellence as an international jury member a few weeks ago. This was my second Cup of Excellence and first time to Brazil. After 24 hours… {read more}

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Meet Your Barista Pt. 5: Joshua

Welcome to part 5 of our Meet Your Barista series, our final entry.  Here you’ll get a chance for a behind-the-scenes look at our crack barista team through this insightful and deep questionnaire! JOSHUA Why Coffee? Because it is the nectar of the gods! Who inspires you? Nature Who is your favorite author? Orwell What’s the scariest… {read more}

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Meet Your Barista Pt. 4: Cari

Thanks for joining us for part 4 of our Meet Your Barista series. This week we’ll be talking with Cari, our newest barista. We look forward to seeing you at the cafe! CARI Why Coffee? I like that coffee employs the senses of taste AND smell. It is interesting to experience different beans and the variety of… {read more}

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Meet Your Barista Part 3: Dan

Welcome to Part 3 of our Meet Your Barista series.  Hopefully you’ve had a chance to swing by the cafe and say hi to our fantastic barista staff yourself. Just in case you haven’t, here’s a little glimpse into the kind of characters you’ll meet here.     Dan Why Coffee? (A) A natural stimulant that serves… {read more}

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Meet Your Barista Pt. 2: Ian

Welcome to Part 2 of our Meet Your Barista series.  Our new cafe is up and running, and we’ve got a fantastic staff on board to make your drinks perfectly. Over the next few weeks we’ll be introducing you to all of them through this short series of questions. Feel free to stop by and pepper them… {read more}

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Meet your Barista Pt. 1: Davis

Happy Fall! We’ve just opened our brand new cafe (you can check it out here) and are thrilled to share it with all of you. In this spirit of sharing, we’ve asked each member of our stellar barista squadron to tell us a bit about themselves. Here’s the first part of our Meet Your Barista series: Davis… {read more}

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Mr. May Flies to Visakhapatnam: India Origin Trip, Part 2

My first lessons about India the following day came early. First, India works on a more relaxed idea of time than America does. As a result, timeliness and punctuality are not the prized virtues that they are in the States. Despite this, somehow everything still works out. This was made very clear to me when we left… {read more}

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